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Money, Stingy & Reality

Is money everything?

Is it the quarter that makes so much value on an ice cream?

Is it the thousands that make your education worthy?

Or is it the fact that the millions provide you a luxurious and comfortable life?

Some say money is the root of all evil, others just seem to never get tired of chasing after it. In reality, money is the thing that helps us survive in this world every day. Believe it or not, it's not evil —it's the people, hiding behind the devils’ mask.

Most of us are always pursuing something, and happiness seems to be on the top of everybodies list. However, without money, how can one pursue the things that make us happy? A vacation around the world, a brand new car, or even a massage chair. You see, money is everything. Money has been around in the history of humankind for a while, but we did have a past before that, where our economy consisted of the barter system. But while many link the problems that we face today with money, how come we frame it as a bad thing, when we also chase after it for the foundation of our happiness?

You tell me. Everyone has a different perspective when it comes to the value of money. Some may even say, “All you need is love to be happy!”.That may be true, but I personally find it hard to go on a date without having to spend a dime.

Imagine a world without money —no class ranking, no discrimination, no judgments.

Now imagine a world with money —oh wait, we are already living in one. Besides having financial assets, which we were tricked into by the upper class to understand as “security”, the question remains... Which version of the world do you want to live in? The one where money is involved in the printing industry and causes carbon footprint and deforestation that is destroying the environment, exploiting our natural resources and pushing us towards the climate emergency? Or the one that doesn't involve any of that matter?

Perhaps the most valuable thing we have in this world right now is ourselves. Our contributions, our efforts, our goals. The drive that each of us has is remarkable. Now, imagine having a world that consists of all the things that I’ve mentioned before. How great would that be? No social pressure, financial inequality and the status that comes with it, and most importantly having true equality and social balance for everyone.

But would that be reality? Or would our world turn into a chaotic state where everyone just doesn't want to share the things that they have harvested once we no longer have money as a tool of trade and power?

As far as I can see, that is the root of all evil.

The moment we decide to have those intentions, is the moment that makes us all evil.

One can say, and some would agree, that money is something we use to fulfill that inner void in our hearts. Money is energy, as it is a form of power. It amplifies who you are as a person to a larger extent. A greedy businessman or a kind-hearted giver?

What’s the deal with being ungenerous to people? Why are we seeing the rich looking down on the poor instead of helping them to survive. Sure some give out donations, the humble rich that gives a lot to the poor, through scholarships to those who can't afford education, etc. But is it enough? Maybe. Temporarily. What about in 5 years? Will the poor be able to live still? Will there ever be a time where the poor and the rich are on an equal level?

I honestly do believe that it can happen, but the odds are rarely in the favor of the poor. Through hard work, one may, and achieve in creating a comfortable life on their own, but what about lifting their own family or a whole community out of poverty, or the world? How much change can one create in such an unfortunate unequal system that we have created? Being the puppet behind the riches’ musketeer, taking advantage of their kind, using them for their own bad intentions?





The world holds on beyond what we are living for. The truth is that the greatest tool we ever have in humanity is love amongst us compared to the love of money. There is so much potential in everyone and it’s such a waste that our society is defined by how wealthy we are and maybe that is what makes the world go on in a completely different direction. North, South, East, West, is money all cursed or just blessed?

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