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Poem: Gender Ideology?

Updated: Feb 18, 2023

When I was a kid, you told me to behave,

I can only play with dolls and not the truck that he had.

When I was a kid, you told me that I’m insane,

For taking up ballet like she did and it made me sad.

You told me I was crazy for pursuing engineering,

“It’s for the boys!” was what I remember hearing.

You told me I was a lady for pursuing fashion,

And all you ever did was laugh at my passion.

When will you stop?

When will you ever stop?

Where’s all the morality?

Now, replace you with society.

It seems fine at first but then we realized,

It’s more than just women belong in the kitchen,

It’s more than real men do not need to cry,

It’s more than the cookie-cutter that is made for us,

More and more and more,

What else is left if all is taken from us?

They say “It’s always been a tradition”,

They say “Women should cover up to avoid rape”,

They say “Men should be the breadwinners”,

They say and say and say,

What else is left that is not unsaid?

Women should not work in heavy labor,

They should only be in labor,

For the sake of our generation.

Men should not have emotional feelings,

They should only stick with the financial dealings,

For the sake of exceeding expectations.

Pink! Girls!

Blue! Boys!

How deranged can we be?

To put on unnecessarily stereotypes,

Our mind, so unripe.

Such inequality,

Is this what we want as an ideology?


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