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About Us


The 50 Percent is a youth-led organisation which focuses on activating a generation and empowering youth to act on issues they are passionate about, whether that be by creating a space for them to be heard in our listening sessions, supporting them with the skills to address eco-anxiety and feel empowered to tell their stories. 

Our initiative started as a part of the Global Youth Engagement Program. It runs in partnership with the Club of Rome and the Pennsylvania State University Sustainability Institute.

Youth group

Our Philosophy

We are a community of young people who are liberating themselves to recognise our roles and virtues we need to have to create the hope and opportunities for a better future globally.

As an organisation, we are always exploring our values and acknowledging we will always have room to grow. At this moment, we have identified three key values that underpin our work:


  •  We are rooted in radical inclusivity, embracing an individual’s full range of experiences, identities, & backgrounds, and are committed to that full representation on our coordination team;

  • We are dedicated to confronting systems of social, economic, & environmental injustices; and

  • All people must have a chance at a right livelihood and the opportunity to do honest work that dignifies other people and our natural world.

Our Approach

From inception, we have created a community of mutually supportive youth from around the globe by hosting listening sessions pioneered by > 40 associates and coordinators.

Our approach has been designed through 50 listening sessions that were hosted with audiences from across the world. These sessions served as relationship building market research to gather their perspectives and concerns globally. 


We have been systematically using these sessions to gather over 700 insights about the needs, wants and concerns of youth, globally. Through this, we have built a three-tiered strategy:


Supporting youth in creating initiatives aimed at making an impact in their area of interest. There are currently three initiatives supported by The 50 Percent.


Supporting the development of critical skills to tackle challenges through peer learning, ups-killing programs, and intergenerational support initiatives.

What are the skills required for the 21st Century?


Community engagement through listening sessions. These are workshops designed to understand better the areas of concern and excitement that young people have about the future. 

Meet The Team

Our Partners

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