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Comment: The Brutal Art of Trends

Updated: Feb 18

Trends. Defined by Google as “A general

direction in which something is developing or

Changing”. But we all know there’s a broader

meaning to it than that.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I’m

talking about the ‘what’ that caused you to

become whatever it is you were when you

were ages 11 to 13. Still remember?

It might’ve been slam books, ripped jeans,

scrunchies, or doing that one thing that made you “not like other girls”. Whatever it was for you, I’m pretty sure we can all come to admit that trends ruined our life at some point.

I remember those days more vividly than I want to; long hair, short socks, curled lashes, reading “mature” books. Heck, I wasn’t even fond of books at the time! Yet, I splurged way too much money on them for someone that didn't like to read. And, for the record, some of them are still up on my shelf rotting away.

My point is: trends suck.

Now you’re probably thinking “some trends aren’t that bad though” and I completely agree with you. I’m not talking about the trends that actually brought some good with them; I’m talking about the ones that ruined our lives. I say “our” because the trends I’m referring to are the trends that made all of us contemplate all our decisions when we were 12. Or 16. It doesn’t matter what age we were -or are- because these trends are what continue to make us reminisce on our past and regret all our life choices.

Well if it’s so horrible, why do you refer to it as an art?

Sometimes art is just bad. No, I’m kidding, of course. I refer to trends as an art because of how ironic and game changing they can be. The way something can be so relevant and then become irrelevant a second later. This mindset that sticking to the crowd that changes direction every millisecond will keep you intact is mind boggling yet somehow amusing.

Trends are an art. And a brutal one at that.

They get you lost, make you lose friends, change who you are, and even make you hate yourself sometimes. You might think I’m exaggerating but I’m serious. It’s difficult to follow a crowd that changes direction every millisecond and doesn’t even look at you. Actually, difficult is an understatement.

It’s impossible.

In fact, it’s supposed to be impossible. Because we all have our own lives and minds, and sometimes we can’t just follow the crowd. Sometimes you don’t want to wear a short skirt or make-up or work until your hair falls off. Sometimes you just want to live a simple life away from the crowd.

Trends make you lose your mind over things so simple you never would have thought about those things if they weren’t so relevant in today’s world. Trends make you waste your money on the most pointless things. They lead to overconsumption. In our current climate, they could potentially destroy the world to a point of no return (not kidding). And, after all that, they don't even make you feel satisfied; they make you want to rip your hair off sometimes. Though it’s amusing in a way, because after some time, you may realise that that thing that made you want to rip your hair off for feeling left out if you couldn't buy it, is suddenly something you can simply walk past without giving it a second glance.

Still, despite everything I’ve mentioned, and so much more I would like to be unnecessarily verbose about, trends are something we, willingly or unwillingly, all participate in. It’s something we, as people, can’t help but stick to despite the painful sharp twists and turns the changing road has for us. It’s a competition people participate in despite the prize being nothing. It’s a race people run with bruised knees and broken bones. And of course:

It’s a brutal art many can’t help but enjoy.

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