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  • Maya Belgica

Opinion: One Too Many

Less is more. The statement may seem contradicting but after learning one too many times, I can confirm that, at least in this barbaric world, it’s true.

You’re still waiting for something? Do I really need to explain further to prove the statement is true?


Alright, you asked for it.

Even in an everyday mundane context, we can see it after decluttering our spaces for the 56245th time this year. Overlooking a mound of litter you probably haven't used in the past five years, you realize how freeing it is to have less clutter around. In relation to everyday mundane things, there’s a healthy amount of stress to keep a person going. Having too much of it can be harmful, so can having none at all; in other words, too much rest could be harmful as well.

In an even larger scale of context, too much money could lead to… questionable things. Have you seen the top hit Squid Game? That about explains it; it could create some stomach flipping, adrenaline racing, and in short, awful outcomes.

Now that we’re on the money topic, let’s discuss how unethical billionaires are. Is unethical the right way to put it? Not too sure, but I’m pretty sure I got my point across.

I just think, especially with all that’s going on at the moment, the cash they are probably oh so bored with could be used for better things other than laying around somewhere in their Amex Black Card. Especially in third world countries, and even fourth world countries (‘did not know they existed ‘till now), where a multitude of problems could be fixed with their precious money.

The world is growing at a painfully rapid pace that most of us can’t catch up with. Though as much as most want to, things such as money, and housing, and clothing, and food, and water, and… the list is sickeningly endless, really, hold us back. These things, ahem basic needs, could be pretty quickly solved through that stupid card billionaires own with all their savings they use who-knows-what for. To be honest, I’m pretty sure at least 1/4th of the world’s problems could be fixed with money. Heck, we could probably solve poverty!

This has just become a rant so I’ll hold myself back before I start writing a novel. After all, you’ve probably heard it one too many times.

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