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Young people are taking control of their future...
Are You? 

About The 50 Percent

Did you know: over 50 percent of all people are under 30!

The 50 Percent is a global platform that empowers young people, regardless of their background, to pursue making a positive impact in their community, country, or globally. We believe that systems change comes from all people embracing their agency to make a difference in their context.

Get Involved

For youth by youth - upskilling, engaging and liberating ourselves to rise to the challenges of our generation.

Intergenerational Skills sharing dialogues

Learning with leading systems thinkers, business leaders, activists and politicians.


Sharing knowledge, guidance and building relationships.


Global Youth

Hosting dialogues on local/national/global issues.


Building a global community of youth engaged in sustainability, resilience, business, economy, inequality and human rights

Mental wellbeing
support group

A facilitated small group to where youth who are concerned about the climate crisis can safely talk about their concerns, hopes, and struggles.

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Tell your story

2-week story telling fellowship.

Stories are highlighted in our Online Magazine & Newsletters.


Voice of the 50 percent

Have your say and join the movement for systemic change by telling your story in our to quarterly magazines and monthly blogs.

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Youth Voices in Climate Resilience

What makes communities resilient to climate change and social challenges?


Imagine an Earth4All

Storytelling as a tool for advocacy


Pura Vida - Voices from Latin America calling for the protection of biodiversity, support for Indigenous communities and knowledge systems.

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